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Dear Internet Marketer,

It probably comes as no surprise that WordPress is the platform of choice for most Internet marketers...and that most bloggers and small businesses owners all use the WordPress platform to build their sites as well.

WordPress is so easy to use, customize and integrate with other online applications, that it's also the most supported web site creator on the Net. And for Internet marketers, it's pretty much the only choice.

So what does that mean for you?

If you know how to use WordPress, and I mean really know how to use it, you'll be a step ahead of every one in this industry who doesn't.

Does that make sense?

Do you really want to depend on someone else every time you want update or make a change to your blog?

If you have a very good grasp of WordPress, it puts you miles ahead of most marketers in this industry. And the truth is, it's not that hard...and you'll see how simple it really is as you go through each video...

Everything is laid out for you in step-by-step tutorials and when you're finished... You'll be an expert at building optimized WordPress websites!

Sound good so far?

These videos will take you through the simple process of mastering the WordPress platform so fast that you'll be able to spend more time marketing your business, which is where you should be focusing your time if you want to be successful online.

If you're a developer for offline or online clients, you will have the confidence to set up and optimize a WordPress site in no time at all!

If You Employ Virtual Assistants... this package is absolutely perfect for you. These tutorials will bridge the gap between you and your virtual assistants when you try to explain what you want.

If You Sell PLR Products... I'm sure you can see the tremendous value of this product. We really made that sure that this high-converting product would sell!

And trust me, we didn't just throw this together like some products you see out there. We really took the time to make sure these videos are high quality and highly informative. Yet each one is concise and to the point so you and your customers will get true value with absolutely no fluff!

So with That Said... Let's Look at Everything You Get with This Offer:




How to Update WordPress When New Versions Become Available
How to Update Plugins to Their Latest Versions
How to Update Your Themes When New Ones Are Released
How to Safeguard Your Updates and Prevent Installation Problems



The Best Themes for Customizing and Setting Your Site Up Fast!
The Top Plugins You Need to Optimize Your Site for High Search Engine Rankings
How to Use The Editor to Modify Your WordPress Site
How to Use Widgets to Enhance the Quality and Usability of Your Site
How to Create a Unique Navigation for Your Visitors (Super Simple and Highly Effective)



How to Use Tags to Target Your Content to Potential Visitors
Discover How to Use Categories to Drive Your Visitors to Specific Content
How to Use And Configure Each Part of The Settings Tab (This is HUGE!)



How to Update WordPress When New Versions Become Available
How to Automatically Update Plugins to Their Latest Versions
How to Update Your FREE or PREMIUM Themes When New Ones Are Released
How to Safegaurd Your Updates To Prevent Any Installation Problems



How to Safely and Securely Back Up The Contents of Your Site
Which Tools to Use That Will Easily and Efficiently Back Up Your Site
The Reasons and Importance of Backing Up Your Site



How to Post and Publish Your Content Quickly and Easily
How to Edit Your Posts and Modify Any Part of Your Original Content
The Easy Steps to Uploading Audios, Videos and Images to Your Blog
Cool Tricks for Modifying All the Media You Post to Your Site
How to Change, Configure and Set Up Your Own Links Within WordPress
How to Create, Configure and Optimize the Pages on Your Site
How to Moderate The Comments Made On Your Site
How to Create and Modify Additional Users on Your Site



How to Integrate an Autoresponder to Your Site to Build An Email List
How to Use Google-Apps to Get Email for Your Site
How to Use Social Media Syndicate Your Content and Get Free Traffic!

This Mindmap gives you the blueprint at a major glance to get you from step A to step Z in a snap!

Audios have been stripped from each video so you can listen to the lessons whenever, wherever you want!

Just relax, watch, and listen... Each module is simple and concise. No fluff... Just to-the-point lessons that will give you a full understanding of WordPress.

You'll have an instant resource whenever you have a burning question about WordPress!

You can give the videos to your virtual assistants whenever they have an issue about customizing your WordPress site...

You can use the videos as a training tool to mentor new Internet marketing students on the power of using WordPress...

You'll have everything you need to be a successful, WordPress MASTER!

Posted by Rachel Rofe

I just looked over some of your videos and HOLY MOLEY ARE YOU THOROUGH!!! You've thought of absolutely EVERYTHING.

Anyone who picks this up is getting a VERY valuable tool. Not only are they getting a world class WordPress education from the guy who knows every tool out there, but also a VERY high quality PLR product. Bravo!! This really ROCKS.

Originally Posted by Norma Rickman

If I were new to WordPress, this product would cut down the learning curve considerably. He has thought of everything for the new WordPress user here: Buying a domain, adding an add-on domain to your hosting account, WP installation, adding themes, plugins, using menus, and much, much more. This is like a Wordpress encyclopedia!

You also get mind maps of the entire process of getting a Wordpress site off the ground, and also provide resource lists for recommended free themes, plugins, etc.

And even if you're not new to Wordpress, grabbing this for the PLR rights alone is a no-brainer. What a great resource this product would be to offer your customers who need a little extra help with Wordpress. The nice thing is that this product is current, not something that was made four years ago. You even see Bill updating to the current version of Wordpress in one of the videos--awesome stuff.

Thanks Bill & Bryan for providing so much value here for so little money

Originally Posted by TheDebtEliminator

I have had a chance to go through The Ultimate Guide to WordPress...MASSIVE 40+ WordPress How-To Video Series with FULL PLR License

They are sharing their strategies for creating WordPress sites and using SEO to get them ranking in a high position on Google.

If you are a newbie or experienced IM, you will find information laid out in a no-fluff, step-by-step manner that should help you.

For those of you that have a VA or are thinking of hiring one,
these videos and information are going to save you an awful lot of time and money and get you a optimized WP site installed.

I have 2-close relatives that have been recently laid off and wanting to have an opportunity to work and earn a living.

My plans are to train them using these videos so that they will be able to work for me, then in their own area to help local businesses by creating WP websites.

There are 4- bonuses included that are worth much more than the cost of this report.

In my opinion, when you consider what it would cost you to create only one video this is way under-priced and delivers very useful information.

All the best ... Ron

Originally Posted by piratejoe84

I have gone through these videos and they are in as much or more detail than I would have done myself.

If you are new to WordPress, have a VA, or just need to see some features of WordPress that you have missed before, this WSO is a must have. With the included PLR license you can't go wrong.

Congratulations on the launch, I know it will do well for you.


Originally Posted by Wiggy0618

Do I know my way around WordPress already? Yeah, I like to think so. Did I pick this up anyway? Darn right - I guarantee there is stuff in here that I didn't even know I didn't know. And for the price, can you really get a 'bad' deal?

(The answer is NO.)

What else are you gonna blow $10 on this week that adds no value to your life whatsoever?

You're nuts if you don't pick this up, IMO.

So if you see the value in this product, don't hesitate... Pick up your complete video set today because I'm offering you an amazing discount if you order right now.

I guarantee that the videos are high quality and well worth the price. We just can't let them go for this ridiculously low price much longer. So go ahead and grab this incredible deal right now at the discounted rate of...

JUST $27 $9.95!

Here's how you can get access to this one-of-kind WordPress Training now...

Get Full Access Now To Every Video:


We've set the initial price to only $7 for our launch and
the price is rising by 5 cents every 20 minutes...

Current price: $9.95


Warm regards,

Your Name

P.S. You get all 6 modules, 40 videos, plus 3 bonuses for just $9.95. And you're completely covered by my 30-day, money-back guarantee.


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