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Dear Parent:

If you are reading this letter, I know that you have at least a small interest in teaching your children from home.  Do not worry, you are not alone.  Millions of people do it and the numbers grow every day.  The world has become a bit of a scary place these days, and not all of us are comfortable with sending our baby out into that world alone.

Consider the following:

  • National Studies show that 49 percent of schools report some type of crime involving theft, vandalism or physical threats.

  • There are 100 times more  guns in the hands of American schoolchildren than is reported.
  • Students age 12 to 18 were victims of 2.7 million total crimes while at achool.
  • Over 3,000 students were expelled from school in the year 2000 for bringing a firearm to school and the number keeps going up.

All I have to do is mention Columbine, Colorado, and you know what school violence can do.  The statistics are only rising, and the perpetrators are getting younger and younger.  I remember not too long ago hearing on the news about a first grader who had a handgun in his locker and threatened to kill a fellow student if he did not do what he said.

It is shocking and very, very scary for everyone, but especially for you, the parent.

What are equally as disturbing are the test scores that our children are getting on standardized tests.  No Child Left Behind provided for testing all children to determine their academic performance and insure that all were getting a quality education.

The results have been disappointing.  In math, our students are performing at just 3% of the world average for the same age students.  In English, that percentage jumps a little, but only to 7%.  Children in other countries are getting better educations than our own kids, and that will eventually hurt us globally.

These are just two reasons people cite for choosing to homeschool their children.  In fact, the top five reasons given, in order are:

  • God and religion taught along with academics

  • Avoid school violence
  • Providing a better education

  • Allowing the child to work at his or her own pace

  • Family convenience

It is a trend that is becoming more and more popular, mainly because it does seem to produce highly educated adults in the long run.  But is homeschooling right for you?  Perhaps it is!

You Want The Best For Your Child, Right?

Who knows them better than you do?  You were their first teacher after all.  Why should you not continue as their teacher?  If it is financially possible for you to stay home and school your children and you want to, then you should.  So where do you start?

Start Here!  Right Now!

My book,  Become A Homeschooling Professor is the answer to every parent?s prayers who is considering homeschooling their children.  It is an honest, no-nonsense, easy-to-read manual with all the information you could want to get started educating your child at home.

This book will guide you toward making the decision to homeschool, what you will need to know before you start, and so much more!  Look at the following:

  • De-Schooling your child

  • Setting up your home for a school area

  • Choosing a curriculum

  • Setting a homeschool schedule

  • And so much more!

A lot of parents would love to homeschool, but they are afraid they just do not have the abilities.

That is Where We Come In!

Even if you have no college experience and just a high school diploma, you can still teach your child in the privacy and safety of your own home.  Hundreds of people have done it.  In fact, most homeschooling parents actually DO NOT have a college degree of any type and their children are flourishing.

The key to a good homeschool experience is to let the child take the reins while you simply steer instruction and give input.  You do not have to know all there is about the Civil War for your child to learn about the Civil War.

Classroom teachers do not know everything.  What they do not know, they find out.  When you homeschool, your child finds out with you!  They learn so much more than what they could find out in the classroom.  Look at the proven facts:

  • Homeschooled children score higher than their same-age counterparts on college entrance examinations.

  • Homeschooled children progress to further levels of education than publicly educated children.

  • Homeschooled children have a stronger relationship with their family.

The advantages are amazing, and there are many more than these few we have listed.  When you homeschool your child, you can easily tailor curriculum to their needs and learning style.  That adds up to an eager student and a successful school experience!

You Can Homeschool Your Child Tomorrow!

But first, you need to know a few items about the whole process before you can fully jump in.  When you order Become A Homeschooling Professor , we will give you what you need to know.  Order the book today, read it tonight, and have your child home with you getting the education he or she needs within days!

Believe it or not, there is a lot that has to be considered before fully starting a home school.

  • Making a schedule

  • Keeping records

  • Reporting to the right agencies, if any

  • How to provide socialization for your child

  • Fitting in everyday life with school
  • Establishing a school identity

For the novice, it can be overwhelming.  Do not give up on the dream, though.  You can get all the information you need and never have to leave your home!  When considering homeschooling your child, homeschool yourself with  Become A Homeschooling Professor !

Do not fall for those other homeschool guides that promise you the moon and never deliver.  I am giving you everything you need right here.

Best Of All, I Guarantee It!

More on that a little later, but it is true, I am guaranteeing that with  Become A Homeschooling Professor, you will be well on your way toward implementing a full school right in your own home!

You are going to be dealing with some criticism too, when you decide to homeschool your child.  We will even tell you how to deal with those nosy people who really have no right to enter your home life.  Friends and family will be there to judge you and your decision.  While you know they care, it really is not any of their business, now is it?  I will tell you what you should say and how you should approach this type of conflict!

There are thousands of different places you can find resources for homeschooling as well.  Why take hours and hours of your time to find them all when I can give them to you right here in this book?

This Book Is Really All You Will Need

Making the decision to homeschool is a very personal one.  As well it should be!  This book is put together in an easy-to-read format that is delivered directly to your inbox when you click the order now button.  You could pay hundreds of dollars for a book that doesn?t have nearly what I am offering to you.

Now You Won?t Have To!

Become A Homeschooling Professor is available exclusively to you right now for the low price of just $17.00.  When you find an information source that can take you from point A to point B easily and for a mere $17.00 , why would you hesitate?  Oh, you are worried I won?t deliver on what I promise?  Tha is OK.  I understand!

Our Famous, 100%, 90 Day Money-Back
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If After Using What You Learn From My Book, IF You Do not Learn How To Successfully Homeschool Your Child Like A Professional, I will Personally Buy My Book Back From You & You Get A 100%, No-Hassle Refund!

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No one else in the business offers that type of guarantee, but I do.  That is how sure I am that  Become A Homeschooling Professor is the answer to all homeschooling  questions and needs.

Your kids deserve to have you around giving them the education that they deserve.  You really are the best person for this job.  And $17.00 is so little to invest in their education.  Even better than that, you do not have to worry if you are throwing good money at bad product.  Remember that guarantee!

Get started right now.  Press the order button and get Become A Homeschooling Professor within minutes.  You will be teaching your child within just a few days!

Happy Teaching!


P.S.  Guarantees do not come along every day.  The grocer does not guarantee your tomatoes will be as tasty as you want them to be.  The cable company does not guarantee that television program you watch will be a good one.  But I can guarantee this book.  Take 90 days to put it to use.  If it does not help you, let me know, and I will give you all your money back.  It is a win-win situation ? for you and your child!  Order now!