TWSC Affiliate Lite v3.02 Features



TWSC Affiliate Lite v3.02 now has an automated update function.

Click a button and the script update all new files automatically!


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Current Features:

FULLY Automated Affiliate Signup System
* You can set two signup methods:
   1. Automated
   2. Pending (review profile before approve)
* New affiliate is issued with an unique Affiliate ID
* New affiliate receives HTML banner and text code after signing up
* Welcome email with banner HTML code, login info is send to affiliate
* You receive new affiliate email notification
* Affiliate Password Retrieval System

Unlimited Affiliate Levels
* Unlimited number of affiliate levels (tiers) can be set.

   Affiliates can therefore refer new affiliates!
* Each level has its own commission
* Upline affiliates are notified by email when:
   1. New affiliate joined their downline
   2. A sale has been made by downline member
* Or you can configure the script not to work with affiliate levels!


Current Supported Payment Gateways
* PayPal
   1. Manually
   2. Automated using PayPal IPN

* SafePay Solutions

   1. Manually
   2. Automated using SafePay IPN
* E-Gold
   1. Manually
* Or view referring affiliate via any online form


PayPal Button Generator
* Generates PayPal button code for your products and services. Just copy and

   paste the code onto your website and TWSC Affiliate Lite v3.02 will do the rest
* Works with PayPal IPN and supports:
   1. Single Item Purchase Buttons
   2. Cart Buttons
   3. Subscription Buttons
* Automated Postings of Sales via PayPal IPN.


Affiliates Own Administration Area
* Affiliates have their own admin area:
   1. View / Edit their profile
   2. View their unique affiliate link URL
   3. View amount of visitors sent to your site (hits)
   4. View their total sales generated
   5. View their commissions earned
   6. View total commissions paid to them
   7. View a list of your latest products and services connected to your affiliates

    program plus the commission that you are paying per product / service
   8. View a list of your payment methods and when you will pay
   9. View downline if levels are set
 10. View downline affiliate profiles
 11. Affiliate can email his own downline
 12. Affiliate can contact you


Your Administration Area
* Configure the script
   1. Help files included
   2. Enter your own Buy Image URLs
   3. Unlimited number of banners
   4. Banners can link to one URL on your site or ...
   5. Banners can link to each product on your site
   6. Set your default currency and symbol
   7. Process sales manually or automatically via PayPal IPN
   8. Disable recurring hits from one visitor
   9. Set cookie lifetime from 1 hour - 5 years
 10. Receive file permission setting notification via email
 11. Signup method: Automated or Pending
 12. PayPal IPN testing environment
 13. Multiple thank you pages feature allows you to redirect buyers to any page

  on your site. You can send them to specific product or service pages after payment
 14. Set your own first affiliate ID number
 15. Two affiliate commission calculation methods. First is % of product price and

  second is % of a reserve commission
 16. Unlimited number of affiliate levels can be set
 17. Each affiliate level has its own commission
* Unlimited number of Products / Services
   1. You can add as many products/services to your affiliate program as you wish
   2. Easy add / edit / delete products or services function 
* Add an unlimited number of Payment Types and Frequencies
   1. Payment Type is the method how you will pay your affiliates

       (wire transfer, check etc)
   2. Payment Frequency is when you will pay

       (end of month, if balance is greater than $100 etc)
   3. You can add as many payment types and frequencies

       to your affiliate program as you wish
* Complete Affiliate Member Administration System
   1. View ALL members on one page, hits generated, sales, commissions

   outstanding etc
   2. Click button to edit affiliate profile / earnings / payments / notifications
   3. View Commission to be paid at a glance
   4. View hits generated by affiliates at a glance
   5. Filter members to view all commissions to be paid
   6. Filter members to view all dormant members
   7. Process goods, services, products returned for credit
* Affiliate Member Profile
   1. View hits generated by affiliate
   2. View affiliate signup date
   3. View full affiliate profile
   4. Post sales with the click of a button - with email notification to affiliate and

   levels. All files are automatically updated
   5. Post commission with the click of a button - with email notification to affiliate

   and levels. All files are automatically updated
   6. Semi-Automated PayPal commission payment system
   7. Update member profile - with email notification to affiliate and CC email to you
   8. Delete affiliate member
   8. Personalized Message system
* Mailing List Manager
   1. Send personalized email to all members with the click of a button. Display

   affiliate name, surname, hits generated, sales, commission earned, commission

   paid, unique URL to link to etc in email.
* Statistics
   1. View current total affiliate members in program
   2. View Level 0 affiliate total
   3. View Level 1+ affiliate total
   4. View current total hits generated by affiliates to your site
   5. View total income generated by your affiliates
   6. View total commission outstanding to affiliates
   7. View total commission for Level 0
   8. View total commission for Level 1+
   9. View total commission paid to affiliates
 10. View average sales per affiliate
 11. View average hits per affiliate
 12. View hits : sales ratio
 13. Easy Reset or Edit of affiliate program statistics
 14 View detailed visitor log file
* Tools
   1. Source Code Encrypter
   2. Check for Updates
   3. Trouble Shooter
* Support and Help
* Online TWSC Affiliate Lite Support Forums

Plus much more!!!

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