The Biggest Problem Most Newbies Encounter When They First Start At CPA Marketing Is NOT Knowing The 3 Most Essential Steps Required To Succeed...

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Dear New Marketer,

Do your eyes glaze over when people start tossing around terms like “CPA” or “PPC” or “ROI”?  Do you skim over or skip articles because they sound like they were written by an accountant giving a year end report?

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “That’s too complex for me. I’ll look into it later,” then you’re making the exact same mistake I made, back when I was first starting out my internet marketing career.

How do I know it’s a mistake for you too?

Because you can’t decide something won’t work for you until you know exactly:

blue arrow What it is

blue arrow How it Works

blue arrow Whether or not it interest you – or is something that will bore you to tears

You see, you’ve got to taste pistachio ice cream, before you can decide whether you actually love – or hate – it.

You can’t say you’re “no good at fishing”, when you’ve never even held a rod in your life.

You need to know before you make a decision...

And let’s just face it… Your eyes will probably glaze over even more if I start talking about “cost per acquisition” and rattling off comparisons with “cost per action”.

But stick with me for a minute or two, because....

When You Simplify A Subject
The Light Bulb Suddenly Goes On!

I’m an up-front person, and if there’s one thing that irritates me, it’s a lot of jargon.

Jargon and acronyms tend to KPO.  (“Keep People Out”.)

And sometimes it's done deliberately to keep the potential profits to a 'select few'

And that’s the tragedy of so many new marketers ignoring CPA income secrets.

The truth is…

  • CPA Marketing is simple.

  • Getting in on the ground floor is easy.

  • The rewards can be anywhere from 'nice' to substantial.

And it’s a heck of a lot easier than regular affiliate marketing – as well as half the work!

It’s also noticeably more profitable than Google Adsense – so much so that you’ll wish you’d tuned into CPA marketing sooner.

(At least, it was for me… and I’m going to let you know exactly why.)

There’s One More Fact Nobody Ever Tells You…

CPA Marketing is fun.

I have to tell you – that particular unexpected side effect really caught me by surprise. 

Look - When I was first starting out I tried all sorts , Adsense was a little tricky until I got the hang of it, although I was never a master!

But there was absolutely no emotional involvement.

Cloaking affiliate links was, frankly, a pain – and confusing to learn.  And affiliate marketing was a lot of work (and usually nothing more.)

Oh I was very happy to promote products and people I sincerely believed in. But nothing about these forms of marketing would ever make me think of all that work as “fun”.

But CPA Marketing is different. The closest way I can describe it…

…It’s sort of like playing one of those video games, where you collect the “jewels”. That best describes the feeling it gave me, when I first started seeing results.

It’s gratifying to see something in return for what you’re doing. (Especially since, once you’re past your simple set up, you’re not even really “doing” it!)

You see, when I accidentally got re-routed into CPA marketing, I discovered it was actually the easiest money-making form of internet marketing I’d tried yet!

And you don’t feel like you’re doing back flips, promoting someone else’s work. (Because you’re not!)

Let's cut to the chase - what info do I have for you?

I'll show you how to...

blue arrow Join several CPA networks – and see how easy they make it for you to promote their well-streamlined and tested offers

blue arrow Learn how to pick and choose – both what you'll promote, and which one-click method you can use.

blue arrow Rack up points and be eligible for bonuses and rewards, with CPA Networks run on that sort of system

That’s why you should love CPA marketing – and the related income!  


CPA Marketing Can Be So Easy, It Got Me Wondering Why Other Forms Of Marketing Have To Be So Hard!

Personally, I’m convinced there’s a really simple reason CPA Networks make it so easy for you to ad their offers to your website…

… You see, they didn’t design their offers for internet marketers at all!

They designed these offers for ordinary, everyday people running a personal blog or website.

And (unlike regular affiliate programs with individual affiliate marketers) a hefty per cent of these lucrative offers come from branded top companies – with major advertising budgets to spend!

Ones that do focused research for you… before setting you up with the best form of offer to bring you both business and cash!

That’s why I’d love to share with you “real life” tips such as:

checkbox 2 types of easy CPA marketing - and which is best to start with

checkboxThe not-so-hidden benefit of combining them both - and how to effectively do it

checkbox The biggest and most appealing difference between CPA Networks and Affiliate Marketing

checkboxThe single, simple action you can easily make it impossible for your readers not to take

checkbox Why CPA click throughs will pay you 100%, compared to 2-4% for driving people to regular affiliate offers

checkbox10 powerful areas to specialize in, if you really want to see the bigger "no work" rewards!

checkbox The 3 biggest problems that new marketers face, if they don't know these few simple secrets

checkboxWhat type offers you can sign up for - and which ones are suited to you

checkbox The wonderful CPA offer you've probably never even realized you’ve often rushed to sign up for!

And many more tidbits like that, to give your marketing power more spice!

Though I really should tell you…

There’s A Simple But Powerful Trick To Choosing The Right CPA Offer

And when I say “simple”, I mean that, in the truest sense of the word.
Do this one thing – and your learning curve will treble. You’ll soon have a feel for that market – unlike with any other you’ve tried.

Of course, there are some things you do need to be wary about. But that’s easily taken care of, in the pages of my special report.

You’ll also learn:

checkbox 5 types of offers - and the pros and cons you'll need to consider

checkbox"Black Hat" flags to beware of - and how to avoid them

checkbox The simple but fatal mistake you can make, when filling out a CPA Network application

checkboxHow to open a CPA Network account – to really “up” your chances of easily getting accepted

checkbox The 5 essential components you need in place, to make this come true

checkboxA visual walk-through of free keyword research - and how it actually plays out, in "real life"

checkbox 4 Questions CPA Networks will ask you - and what you must remember never to reply

checkbox2 priceless plug-ins that will stop you from unwittingly offending the Federal Trade Commission (and Google!)

But actually, reading my bullets is more work to do than skimming through the simple but powerful tips I actually share.

Your reaction will be more along the lines of: “Oh. That makes sense. I won’t make that mistake…”

And that’s all there is – no “learning the right procedure in 57 steps” you’ll have trouble remembering.

No going back to “the manual”, time after time.

So check out my ebook, and see if it answers your CPA Marketing questions.

Because my…

"Mastering CPA Marketing" Comes With My Unconditional 100%, Money Back, 30-Day Guarantee

One thing I promise – My 100% money-back, 30-day Guarantee really is unconditional

So if you decide my ebook doesn’t work for you – for any reason at all – just ask me for a refund, right away. Okay?

I promise, you’ll get it (with my thanks for trying out my report) without any hassle at all.

But I'm so sure you’ll get real value from my ebook, "Mastering CPA Marketing", that here it is, up front and in writing, my
unconditional, risk-free, 30 day guarantee…

30-day Money-Back GuaranteeYou Are Automatically Backed By My No Questions Asked, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  My New eBook Demystifies CPA Marketing And Tells You Exactly How To Get Started In The Most Effective Way!

I happily guarantee that if you read through my report, you’ll get a great overview – and just enough specific instruction to get you started o the right foot creating CPA income.

But I have to warn you – this is not some great “secret technique” – it’s just a simple, straightforward explanation.  Along with basic “How To’s” you need to decide if CPA Marketing is for you.

I hope you’ll take advantage of your full 30 days to check out "Mastering CPA Marketing" entirely at my risk.

Because I'm sure that once you've how easy it is to start CPA Marketing (or at least finally understand what you’re turning down), you’ll be happily recommending it to every new marketer you know!

If you don’t think it rocked your socks, I'll cheerfully give you your refund – without any questions. And I’ll do that on the spot, the moment you ask.)

You’ll also learn solid, professional but simple tips about your blog design - and what it really means, when people talk about "quality content".

And 2 ways to simply provide it, that won't constitute any learning curve at all.

And here’s a few more points I’d like to give you, up front, to consider…

checkbox The 3 types of ads to select, when you first sign up - they're the easiest, and will help you get accepted

checkboxThe one thing you'll notice with CPA Networks right away - and why this “drawback” is actually so good for you

checkbox Tips for 5 top-converting niches - they're "evergreen", you'll be glad to discover

checkbox The single most important thing you need, for your reader to click on your link - and its a quality right from your heart

checkboxMy 19 top CPA network URLs - there truly are wonderful things I like about each

But actually, you’ll probably find it more work to read this letter than my actual report!  So if you're ready to invest in my Newbies Guide To CPA, just hit the button, and download your copy right now.

Yes! I Want To Learn More About CPA Marketing Now!

Just shoot me my copy of "Mastering CPA Marketing" - so I can decide if it’s something I want in my marketing life today!

I understand this ebook includes:

  • 19 links to proven CPA networks

  • A detailed, visual walkthrough of basic keyword research – the way it usually occurs in “real life”

  • Valuable information about content, and how to provide it without jumping through hoops

  • The easiest ways to get started and boost my CPA Marketing career on a natural curve

  • A straightforward overview of what CPA marketing is really all about – and solid tips on how to succeed quickly

But most of all, "Mastering CPA Marketing" will
clear out the clutter of marketing jargon and
help me get started!

I’m ready to instantly download my copy by clicking the button below to download my own personal copy now!

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Remember – if this doesn’t open the door for you on what CPA Marketing really is, and give you tips you feel you need to get started – or even if you read it and decide, “No thanks. This really isn’t for me…” …you can ask instantly for a refund.

You’ve got my 30-day, 100% unconditional guarantee – so don’t wait any longer!

Download your personal copy and learn about this surprisingly easy stream of income today!

To the fun of real CPA Marketing income.


P.S. If you've not looked into CPA before - grab this book right NOW!




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