An Autoresponder Is Your Most Important Tool

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If you do business on the Internet an Autoresponder is your single most important tool. You simply can't promote your business easily or effectively without one.


What's an Autoresponder?

It's your low-cost solution for higher profits!

It's your personal automatic email marketing system.

It's an amazing piece of software that makes it easy to:


Capture email addresses from website visitors

Communicate with your customers

Respond instantly to all inquiries

Follow-up with your prospects

Boost your expected profits

Automate your business

And a whole lot more



It's your Own Personal Assistant!

Saves you hours of tedious work

Builds your lists automatically

Promotes your business around the clock while
    you work, play golf, spend time with your family & sleep



So How FAST Is Your AutoResponder, eehh..?
You Are Welcome To Race It To Your Inbox :-)


Autoresponder speed test - Choose any of the Email Forms below



 Message: (optional)







 First Name:

Your Email:




Yes - the email form is easily adjusted to the look and feel of your Website

Please Note When Testing! You are not being added to any mailing list
- All data will be deleted within seconds



Why should you choose our AutoResponder?

It's 'KISS' - Keep It Simple Stupid!
We know you want simple & yet very powerful



The Unselfish Marketer sets you up with:

One button & your own master information is there

One button & your first Autoresponder is 'born'

One button & you have yet another Autoresponder

One button & letter #1 can be loaded...

One button & it is time for a big :-)

One button & letter #2 can be loaded...You know now!

One button & you get the html code for an email form

One button to choose between single or double opt-in

One button to Import/Export or view Leads

Add an unsubscribe-link with a 'tick' (recommended)

Get notified (or not) each time a new lead is captured

Add a Daily Mailing Report (to your inbox) with a 'tick'



Unlimited numbers of Unselfish-AutoResponders

Unlimited numbers of follow-up email Letters

Automatic Flood-Control (no double email signups)

600 Visitors can be emailed per minute! (36,000/hour)

Our AutoResponder delivers in 1/10 Sec.  Speed Test

Customize with {firstname} {fullname} {email} {date}

HTML email letters, plain text messages or a mix :-)

Add a 'Redirect After Registration' to any webpage

Attach any kind of file up to a size of 2 MB

Customize your email 'From' field for better response

Works even with Free Hotmail or Yahoo! accounts...

No one can steal your prospects (hidden in cgi-bin)

Email prospects daily, every second or third day

    ...wait a week, a month! You are in total control :-)



Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd. installs for you:

We install on your domain

We setup your master information

We customize your email form so it fits your website

We upload the email form to the site of your choice!

We make sure it all works to your satisfaction :-)

All you need is to copy & paste your follow-up emails



As you have figured out by now, you don't need to be technically "savvy" to operate our UnselfishResponderPro. Even if you've never used an Autoresponder before you'll find it as easy to use as your TV remote control.

You must have read that in order to get response from any prospect they need to be contacted by you 7 (seven) times on average before they decide to buy what you offer...

Unselfish-Responder gives you unlimited Autoresponders and unlimited follow-ups so you can keep your message in front of your customers and prospects. This repetition builds the familiarity and trust you need before your market is comfortable buying from you. The result? Increased sales!


Now You Think - it must cost an arm & a leg to have all the above

installed on my own website . . . Big Surprise!



Similar Scripts Are Sold For $67 - $97 Without Installation
But Since I DO Take My Nickname Very Serious:



Get Your Own UnselfishResponderPro Now For
Only $37 - an Unselfish Marketer Special :-)



Complete Included Installation

Download right now -- Email us -- we'll install & set it up for you 




Don't Wait!
If you can have a powerful, easy-to-use tool just like our Unselfish-Responder to save you tons of time and help you make more money, doesn't it make sense to grab it?

You can find a lot of automatic autoresponder services that easily costs you $19.95 per month but you won't find one that offers better value for your money..!

And you get all of that for life...Yes, of course the script itself is yours and can be reused on additional domains - or centralize UnselfishResponderPro - i.e. Let it serve all your visitors on different domains while installed on only one of your domains!



Get Your Own UnselfishResponderPro Even Cheaper
Only $22 - an Unselfish Marketer Special :-)



Do-It-Yourself Installation

You can download it right now -- even if it's 2:00 a.m.!



UnselfishResponderPro User Guide

is a very detailed manual

A full 11 pages user guide

Step by step instructions


Included a FAQ Section

Access to the latest updates online

If you don't know first thing about HTML coding but want to give it a go and save the installation fee then buy above and rest assure that we're here to help you out, if you can't do-it-yourself. . .Look below




Your Success Is Completely Backed By My
30 Days No-Nonsense Guarantee


When you install our UnselfishResponderPro and it doesn't perform every bit as well as I've promised - or if you're unhappy with the Software for any reason.....I will promptly refund every cent you invested.


By the way, this guarantee is in effect up until the final minute of the final day of the 30 days guarantee period. That's how confident I am that our UnselfishResponderPro will deliver exactly what I promise, and contribute greatly to your bottom line.



Warmest regards,


JayKay Bak

CEO & Founder




>>> Here is where we truly differ compared to our competitors!<<<

We don't just accept your money and flog you a download...

In the unlikely event that you can't install the UnselfishResponderPro, don't despair :-)


Get UnselfishResponderPro Installed On Your Domain..!

Even If It's 90 Days Since You Purchased Our Script
Only $15 - an Unselfish Marketer Special :-)



Installation Service Of Your Purchase

We Guarantee That You Will Not Pay More Than $15

We do take the words "after-sales service" very serious.




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