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Finally A Membership Software So Easy To Understand That Even My 13 Year Old Daughter Can Install, Setup & Offer Memberships To The World Within Two Hours..!  


Truthfully, The Shelf Life Has Passed On This Script = It's No Longer Good Enough Unless All You Want Is A Weekend Hobby Membership Site
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Everyone says the money is in the list - a list of email contacts where you steadily build up trust by offering contacts good valuable content, so they are ready to purchase products or services that you recommend. A small list yields little income, a big list equals more money...



With A HUGE LIST You're Talking 5 Figures CASH-ON-DEMAND Money Machine

(rule of thumb: In average each contact will buy for $1 per month)



It's all true but how to build a HUGE LIST in the shortest period of time where you at the same time are totally in control is not frequently revealed on the internet - it seems to me that the "Gurus" prefer to keep you in the dark with regards to the amazing power of being the OWNER of a membership site!


...Even worse! Luring you into some free list-building-system that only benefits the OWNERS email list and you're doing most of the work -- Let Me Change Status Quo For You, Ok :-)



A Membership Site is THE Way To A Huge Email List


Free Membership Site offering valuable content


Paid Memberships to capitalize from your "List"


Built-In Affiliate Program (hands-free promotion)


Recurring Residual Income


Automation Galore


Ready Made Website..!


Ready Made Members Area


Easy To Navigate Admin Area


Logout Redirect - "Stealth" Marketing..!


I'm ready to order JayKay



Free Membership to a site offering valuable content:

By nature Human beings love to be a part of something and a membership has a much higher perceived value than just another eBook - Add FREE and your offer is extremely hard to say no to..! (I bet you're already a free member on several membership sites)


This is how the "Gurus" grab your contact information - one free download isn't quite enough these days to build your own list with the speed of lightning.



Paid Memberships to capitalize from your "List":

You can add as many paid membership levels as you like - only your own imagination limits the potential of our unique software - For example setup your Membership Site with silver, gold, platinum and titanium levels - offering more than free members get.



Built-In Affiliate Program (hands-free promotion):

Our Membership Software allows you to add an Affiliate Program to your membership site on the fly..! - True, it's a 2 digits and push button option :-) This will allow both your free and paid members to promote your membership site on your behalf against a fair split of the proceeds - again, you decide the percent you're willing to pay - offer more than 50% and you soon get a virtual stampede of visitors :-) 



Recurring Residual Income:

Doesn't that just sound as sweet as honey? Our Unlimited Memberships Script is the surefire way to begin living off the internet - Membership Sites Are HOT right now and not something of the past - you are buying into the biggest trend on the internet and you can Bank on this to be a long lasting lucrative future - Membership Sites are here to stay, period!



Automation Galore:

Unlimited Memberships Software will email your signups to get a confirmation and if they are not free members then UMS takes them to the Payment Processor of your choice before they can access their chosen level inside your Paid Membership Area.

Unlimited Memberships Software sorts out what you new member can access on auto-pilot and will restrict them from downloading products or accessing services that they are not entitled to.

Unlimited Memberships Software has support functionality. You are only an email away :-)

Unlimited Membership Software allows your members to edit their profile with ease.

Unlimited Memberships Software allows your members to upgrade anytime it suits them.

Unlimited Memberships Software has a powerful Tell-A-Friend feature that embeds your members referral link into the email...All your members need to do is supply the email address.

Unlimited Memberships Software comes with a ready made spam and privacy policy.

Unlimited Memberships Software offers online stats - your members can monitor the fruits of their promotional efforts inside the private members area.

And so much more :-)




Ready Made Website..!

Yup, Our script includes a full range of ready to use pages so you don't even have to worry about HTML and PHP codes.

We also included a MySQL dump file to setup your database - if you can copy & paste then you can do this. it's as simple as it sounds - no hyped up BS here!


Server Requirements
PHP4 or PHP5
MySQL Database 4.1.10



It doesn't have to be difficult to create your very own Membership Site but competing Membership Scripts only provide an Admin Administration Area thus leaving it totally up to you to create your own "front store" - Not the Unselfish Marketer - We added this Ready To Go Template for your new Membership Site...-...And it's easy to change if you don't like it :-)



Ready Made Members Area:

All you ever need to do is add content...Our built-in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Software only asks for you to be able to write like you write an email - it will never be easier than that.




Easy To Navigate Admin Area:


Main Admin Page

Manage Active Members

Unverified Members

Free Unapproved Members

Paid Unapproved Members

Members Renewal

Upgrade Request

Create Member Pages

Create New Member Level

Mass Email All Members



We're made the Navigation inside your Admin Area with point and click ease ... and with our built-in WYSIWYG Site Editor you can create and edit all pages just as simple and easy as writing an email or using MS Words...


You've convinced me, JayKay. Let me order NOW!



Website Stats

Edit Page Text

Commission Record

Pay Commissions

Payment Gateways

Website Main Settings

Cron Jobs

Excel Reporting

Change Admin Password



Logout Redirect - "Stealth" Marketing..!

And if all of the above is not enough for you..! - We also added stealth marketing to your new Membership Site ... Every time a member (free or any paid level) logout of your Membership Site you can redirect them to any opportunity you like - now, you never just lose your members when they leave you :-)




Now, I could go on and on praising our unique piece of software but I know that you are busy and we're afraid that you'll think this sounds too good to be true - I hate when that happens because usually it is exactly that :-)


...We've all been burnt on the internet at some point of time and skepticism is a wonderful defense mechanism to master - In order to take away the last bit of restraint please read my unconditional no-nonsense money back guarantee further down below



Similar (but inferior) Scripts Are Sold For As Much As $197..!
But --- Since I DO Take My Nickname Very Serious:



Get Your Own Unlimited Memberships Site Now For
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Nope - ... I am the Unselfish Marketer :-)


Truthfully, The Shelf Life Has Passed On This Script = It's No Longer Good Enough Unless All You Want Is A Weekend Hobby Membership Site
I'm Currently Looking For Something Better So
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Don't Miss Out - You can download it right now - even if it's 2:00 a.m.

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Let's Take This Up Another Notch -
I Invite You To Fully Test Our Software
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Now, in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you. You see, I completely guarantee that our Membership Script will excel on all accounts.


Your Success Is Completely Backed By My
30 Days No-Nonsense Guarantee


When you install our Unlimited Memberships Software and it doesn't perform every bit as well as I've promised - or if you're unhappy with the Software for any reason.....I will promptly refund every cent you invested.


By the way, this guarantee is in effect up until the final minute of the final day of the 30 days guarantee period. That's how confident I am that our Membership Script will deliver exactly what I promise, and contribute greatly to your bottom line.



Warmest regards,


JayKay Bak

CEO & Founder




>>>Here is where we truly differ compared to our competitors!<<<

We don't just accept your money and flog you a download...

In the unlikely event that you can't install Unlimited Memberships Site, don't despair :-)


Get Unlimited Memberships Site Installed On Your Domain..!

Even If It's 90 Days Since You Purchased Our Script
Only $20 - an Unselfish Marketer Special :-)

Truthfully, The Shelf Life Has Passed On This Script = It's No Longer Good Enough Unless All You Want Is A Weekend Hobby Membership Site
I'm Currently Looking For Something Better So
DO NOT Buy Today



Installation Service Of Your Purchase

We Guarantee That You Will Not Pay More Than $20

We do take the words "after-sales service" very serious.




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