And Has Been Since Aug. 5, 2009 :-)


This Is A Vault Member Privilege

Major Improvement Oct. 11, 2016

NOW with that is a really FAST Auto Installer. You can install scripts in just ONE STEP. Softaculous can install any of its 408 scripts in a flash (script ratings helps too)

PLEASE Never Use Fantastico Installing WordPress. You Will get HACKED...

Major Improvement June 18, 2015

Quad Core Xeon E5620 With 16 (YES, SIXTEEN) CPUs & 64GB RAM

NO ONE ELSE Will Want To Host You On Similar Expensive Servers

Cheaper Hosting Is Abundant But QUALITY Is What You Need


Major Improvement March 14, 2009

Not Just Servers But Quad Core Xeon 5405s With 8 (YES, EIGHT) CPUs

I Know NO ONE ELSE Who Will Host You On Similar Expensive Servers

Cheaper Hosting Is Abundant But QUALITY Is What You Need


Major Improvement Aug. 31, 2008


This Web Hosting Package Comes Free With Your Vault Membership

Host 3 1,000 Domains At No Extra Cost

NOPE, it's not a crappy Web Host account with remotely hosted MySQL, no cPanel and all kinds of restrictions like this *fine* support answer: "Sorry but 777 CHMOD is not allowed"

NOPE, it's not an obsolete Pentium4 solution either - It's a Xeon 5620s 2.4GHz, Quad Core (16 processors) with MASSIVE 64GB RAM & SATA Hard Drives only or BETTER!

NOPE, it's not Servers meant for hosting 800 accounts but oversold so your visitors are fighting just to get to see your website - overselling is unfortunately "Industry Standard" & you're squeezed in as Web Hosting Account #2117 where no more than 800 should be...!

NOPE, it's NOT the usual "Run Of The Mill" Web Hosting that blindfolded add just about as many zeros to their offer (l500GB Space & 1TB Monthly Bandwidth) charging only $9.95 so you bite their bait - Only to be kicked out the minute you start to use 8% of what you paid for because: "You are using too many resources..." eeh, booted overnight - what now?


Here's what the Unselfish Marketer has 4U AT NO COST for as long as you stay a member:

My Company is a Web Host already and we've bought a Dedicated Server to cater for all Vault Members...YUP, before the Vault needs a Second & Third Server it's there already :-)
...Which we JUST DID August 31, 2008 - Vault Members are now PROhosted on 3 Servers

You'll get a Web Hosting account with no restrictions as long as you don't install a script that endangers the wellbeing of the Server itself..! + cPanel, Fantastico and all the usual trimmings that comes with great hosting and we made it flexible so YOU get what YOU need so your visitors will NEVER experience this %&#! ungrateful page: "Account Has Been Temporarily Discontinued Because Of Bandwidth Limitations - If you're the Admin..."

You Start With 200MB Space & 2,000MB Bandwidth ($7.95 true value) Obsolete Aug. 31

You Start With 500MB Space & 10,000MB Bandwidth ($11.95 true value) and

You Grow & Get 1,000MB & 50,000MB Bandwidth ($17.95 true value)  for you at one of our high performance servers and it still won't cost you a dime.

Before YOU Need It I've got 3,000MB & 50,000MB Bandwidth ($24.95 true value)  for you at one of our high performance servers and it still won't cost you a dime.

Your PRO Hosting account comes with the following "limitations":

Max FTP Accounts: 999
Max Email Accounts: 999
Max Email Lists: 999
Max SQL Databases: 999
Max Sub Domains: 999
Max Park Domains: 999
Max Add-on Domains:
2 (upgrade Aug. 4, 2007) 999 (upgrade Aug 31, 2008)


How do I get Vault Pro Hosting?


You need a domain name.
Purchase a domain name anywhere you like ( Please read our FAQ

Point your NEW Domain Name towards our Domain Name Servers when ordering
DNS >>> &

A) Use Who Is to find an available .com or .net domain name you like.
B) PayPal Us $11.99 HERE (I recommend to check /
If you have a domain name already then start a complete backup of your domain.


Open a ticket @ our Help Desk Department: Web Hosting
Subject: Write The Name Of The Domain Name In Question
We NEED you to use the same email address you use as a Vault Member.
If You Bought the Domain From Us Please Include Your PayPal/2CO Receipt, Thanks.


We will do our best to hand over the keys for your new home within 24 hours, then...


Start investigating if it's your first domain - poke around in your cPanel & have FUN OR upload to your new home using your backup from 1)

Your Web Hosting is setup to email you when you use 80% of your allowed resources. Simply open a ticket and we'll "bump up" your account to the next level :-)


I TRULY Appreciate That You're Here

Seeking YOUR Success,

JayKay Bak
CEO @ Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.


Due To Demand For Total Control Hosting We Now Offer Reseller Accounts
With WHM (Web Host Manager) Unlimited Domains With Individual cPanels

Account Name: Space: Bandwidth: Per Month:
Aluminum 12,000MB 125,000MB $22
Copper 20,000MB 175,000MB $32
Silver 30,000MB 250,000MB $47
Gold 40,000MB 300,000MB $72
Diamond 50,000MB 350,000MB $97
*Platinum Incl. 3 Unique IPs 100,000MB 400,000MB $147


All On Quad Core Xeon 5405s With 8 CPUs - Do Ask "Competition" What Server They'll Dump You On
(...Hint: We deliver quality, allow you to USE the resources you pay for, thus we don't kick you when
you start to use 8% of ramped up numbers on a Sales Page meant to impress you and take the bait)


Order Here (No, you don't have to resell hosting but WHM is a neat way of controlling all your domains, manipulating Space & Bandwidth as you see fit - Making money selling web hosting is just icing on the cake)




Q: I don't like "add-on" domains - If I want additional Individual cPanel Web Hosting Accounts for each domain I own can I get that from you JayKay?

A: Yup, as a Vault Member you can purchase as many Individual cPanel Accounts as you need exactly as the above 500/1,000/3,000MB Space for $3/6/9 per month Order Here
(Tip: You might wanna check out the grayish box above if you need more of everything)

A2: Effective August 4, 2007 Effective August 31, 2008 you are now allowed to host not just 3 but up to 1000 domains on your PROhosting Account (999 add-ons) at NO EXTRA Cost.

Here's HOW TO:
1) Point the Domain Name you wish to "add-on" towards our name servers &
New Domains will adjust immediately - Old Domains (Remember to backup on your PC) will need up to 48 hours before the new DNS has fully propagated the WHOLE internet.
2) Inside your cPanel click the icon "Addon Domains", fill in the info and voila - that's it :-)

NOTE: Members paying $3 for extra accounts can choose to "add-on" to their main account and cancel their $3 Subscription - You have to backup your secondary domain and add it to your primary domain yourself, thanks.


Q: JayKay, what happens if I ever decide to stop my Vault Membership? Good question :-)

A: You can choose to host with us or find another Web Host - We won't hold you Prisoner. Depending on your current level we'll simply charge you the true value as stated above.


Q: JayKay, can I buy more Bandwidth for my PROhosted Account, 50,000MB isn't enough?

A: Yes you can ADDON Additional 50,000MB & I'll through in extra 1,000MB Space too :-)


Q: Where do I buy my domain name(s) if I don't want your setup?

A: seems to be a good choice at $9.XX per year. is OK for Domain Hosting but pure crap when it comes to Business Web Hosting and THE reason why my company also is a Web Host! - - Friendly Warning: Do not use since they have issues changing DNS for you once you have purchased your domain name. Update Friendly Warning: You can't even use now - their license has been revoked..!

I use myself but unless you are a "heavy domain user" it's not for you since they ask $98.90 prepaid for X domain names (purchase new domains or renew as you please with no time limit imposed) - cheap though as it boils down to $9.89 for each .com and is getting cheaper (current low is $8.59) when more money is spent DO check for price increase - January 15, 2012 there was a +$0.50 due to registry cost increase