I wanted to thank you for your work to keep sending my commissions over the years. Not many would have the level of integrity you have.

Thank you very much!


(I just pulled Rick's total: $36,999.69 WOW... Monthly Comm. Sure Adds Up :-))




Funneller.com Added

This was one of many products I asked Jay Kay to purchase for us.... FYI... I have been here since JayKay opened the doors.... AND ...Joining his Unselfish Marketer is, WITHOUT A DOUBT, one of the best decisions I ever made for my online business....once again, Mange Tak, Jay Kay!

Michael Rytter




Hi JayKay:

Thank you so, so very much! Success! I followed your great instructions exactly as you described in your wonderful video! I also downloaded the free VCL player.

Thank you again for your very kind help. I deeply and truly appreciate it!

Best wishes,




I don't understand why more people don't invest in your site? It is so much cheaper than buying all of these new products. You are the best my friend!!

Ron Duval


Hi Jay Kay,

Thank you very much for the great stuff you are sending out to we lucky, lucky, people.

JK:(You asked)
"Have You:
Watched All The Videos?
Implemented What You Learned?
Made Your First $100 Day Already?

K. (answers)
Yes, I have been watching ALL of the videos. I have even bought your latest set on rebranding PLR. This way, once I'm ready, I'll be able to create my own products to add with my pending purchases from your ever famous magic vault. That's right, poor ole meee.

Yes, I am implementing what I've been learning.

No, I have not made my first $100 in a day as yet (but that's only because I am saving ALL my learning so that when I'm ready, I shall make $200 a day instead. :)!

I have therefore congratulated myself in advance. :)!

Seriously though, Jay Kay; I'm truly grateful for all of your Internet education and the freebies. This is the longest period that I have stayed on the net. In the past, I'd play about for a day or two -- and even for a whole week once. I would buy stuff and just give up trying to use them. In fact, I found UM in an ebook I bought some time ago now, on PLR products. I would be just searching, without knowing EXACTLY what I were looking to find. It is luckily for me this time that, you my friend, knows exactly what newbies REALLY need.

Now, brimming with exuberance thanks to you, I started building my first WordPress website last week. However, it's all guess work for me at the moment. I have already learnt to add pages and posts. When I learn how to change Themes, I shall let you have a glance. I am timing its arrival on the world stage (I mean the World-Wide-Web) for the start of my seventh week with UM. That woud be the week after I complete your brilliant six weeks training programme. Heck, I'm good now. I mean, really, really, good. In fact, I'm so good, I even know what WWW stands for now. :)!

Pat yourself on the back Jay Kay:

Warm regards
P.S: You'll eventually have to get me an affiliate link for UM. This way I can lead people straight to your door. Thus saving them years of torment, misery and money; only to then give up on the Internet in disgust. They'll need to find you before they get sucked in by those fake, heartless, so called gurus. :)!

Thank you, Mr. Bak,

for adding so many interesting and useful things to my horizon.

Before I found you, yesterday,
I signed up for nearly 10 (!) other PLR services during the past 2 weeks, some free, some for a trial dollar- only to say "no" and actually cancel these trials. (Only one of them was worth a second look, but when downloading GBs of his stuff, I found many dead links, inaccessible .zip files and obsolete references- in spite of some added services.)

None can compare. And the extended research effort finally brought me the prize:
your offer, as you are clearly in charge of your business!

Best wishes for your continued success.-- Ina Bliss



Dear JayKay,

If your Support Service would be able to solve issues generally in the life of the private people so carefully as you do it in marketing questions, your support site would be 'bombed' by millions of requests per day.

Pal Paricsy

I'm sorry for the hassle this has caused you Jay Kay. As usual, you are the ROCK STAR of Internet Information! There is absolutely NO ONE that I have ever found that can even come close to you and the GREAT service you give all your subscribers.

Your unselfishness is the hallmark of The UnselfishMarketer. Your wannabe competition hates how much you do for your subscribers because they know they can't compete with you.

Thank you for your consideration and your always prompt reply. You always go the extra TEN miles for your subscribers!

Again, thank you!

David Forster




JayKay - Great News, I'm In! I'm Just Watching the Training Videos, and They Look Fabulous.

You know, every time I think you have given us UMERs the very best products and services, you raise the bar even higher, and give us something that's even better!

I'm not complaining but my words are not fully, totally or completely complimenting you as much as my writing skills are able to express my thoughts and impressions

- so, let me say this: "Your Vault Is Still The Very Best, Most Unselfish, Highest Value Membership Site(s) In The Whole-Wide World!"

Thanks for all you do.
Bill Thomas

Dear JayKay,

No problems, no issues, nothing more than to say that "Unselfish" is an understatement. You are so much more than that. I know that I should have done more by now with everything you provide in the VAULT, however, I'm still on government disability so my income is VERY limited. What you provide for me with my VAULT membership at the price I pay each month is beyond "unselfish". Just saying thank you is not near enough...but thank you, so much thank you...for your generosity and help as well as your patience with my problems through the years. GOD bless you sir.

Jonathan Thompson

Thanks for all you continue to do for your members and partners.

You are practicing what Sir Winston Churchill said, several years ago:

"You make a living by what you earn. You make a life by what you give."

Blessings to you and your family, with abundant good health and a very long life ahead...

Jim Davis
Riverview, New Brunswick Canada

P.S. I love your vault!
Since I join your membership I cancelled all my subscription with other marketers. Because everything that I need to become a successful marketer are here. By the way I am a newbie.

Keep up the good work! I am enjoying your cup of tea!!!!!

BTW I am blown away be the amount of services/products that come with my membership, I had no idea there was so much to come!


I have been online for a few years struggling to make a few extra dollars without much success. I was spending an average of $5000 plus per year purchasing every great looking product, videos, training, seminar etc, that the Guru's or "experts were promoting. I have very little in the form of income to show for it.

In all honesty and sincerity, Your program is the most honest and practical program that I have found to date. My problem is I am not utilizing the wonderful information you so generously provide for your members every month.

Jim Davis

I launched my first IM site with your squeeze page HTML templates back in 2008 on SqueezePages.com. Your UM Vault has been the most valuable resource to me in my online business as a member since 2008! - You can use that quote.

George Shepherd

Oh BTW JayKay,

It's really blessing that I joined UM. I'm a newbie to IM and found out that most 'gurus' out there are just selling stuff from the Vault, with their personal twist. I'm not gonna buy from them again.

You should get a Nobel Prize in the IM category if there is one. The value you provide is waaaaayyyy too much for the price you charge. I'll always be a fan.

Again, thanks so much. May all your dreams come true.

Iņaki Rocha




unselfish marketer testimonials 1

unselfish marketer testimonials 2


unselfish marketer testimonials 3

Hi JayKay  


WOW thanks for the detailed reply. This is another of the many reasons that your membership is the best one out there.


(Yes, JayKay Himself Supports His Members)


I have been a member for a loooong time and I suppose I will be a member until 2036 LOL or whenever it is you say you are retiring.


JayKay's Blurb: 2031 when I'm 67 :-)


I have joined many other websites but I always end up cancelling because once you get past their fluff there really isn't too much there. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.



Awesome Hosting  


JayKay - As the subject line indicates, your new hosting service is the best.

It was terrific before, but with your additions you have increased the value of both the hosting service as well as the entire Membership.

Thank you so much and please keep up the great work

Steve Dougherty


I love your site. It is easy to find stuff and see what I am getting before I download.

It is the first site I made more than 10X what I paid for in the first month. Probably more. I quit counting. Keep up the good work and thanks for the great service I have been receiving.



I just wanted to thank you. I look so forward to the even days of the month because I know I'm getting something new and most times, useful and downright exciting! I absolutely adore your membership site. It's number one and one of my very favorite favorite things online. Plus, you are so very nice.



You know you are an inspiration to me.  What you have done with your membership site has far and away been the envy of all the IM'ers out there.  They are even providing product that they have been trying to sell me for the past 2 years.  


It has taken me a long time to get things going but it is going to happen soon.  When it does it will be a solid business, and in a year or two enable me to stop working my 12 to 14 hour days and support my family.  Thanks for your emails even the ones that have smacked me down.

Best regards,
John Metzinger,




Although Ted "claims" to be your Number 1 Fan, I think the facts speak for themself. As a member of the First 100, and President of the Unselfish Marketers Fan Club, I believe the title of Number 1 Fan belongs to me...
All kidding aside, membership to Unselfish Marketer makes 95% of all other memberships  obsolete. Their is simply no logical reason to belong to another software membership unless you take joy in throwing your money away.
While there have been many copycats since, none has come close to capturing the spirit of the Unselfish Marketer. Finally, affiliates and resellers really DO have someone on their side.
Forever Grateful,

I love your site. It is easy to find stuff and see what I am getting before I download.

It is the first site I made more than 10X what I paid for in the first month. Probably more. I quit counting. Keep up the good work and thanks for the great service I have been receiving.


Hi Jay Kay,  

I have only just joined a few days ago so have not made any cash from THE VAULT goodies just yet.

I just wanted to share the reason I signed up.

I found your page through a recommendation from one of your affiliates Rick McCauley (cheers Rick) and was amazed that you show every product you have on the sales pages.

What made me buy was the fact that I saw in the products list 3 products that I had bought before I found your site, and those three products combined cost me $80 which of course is nearly twice as much as the monthly membership.


I have probably already downloaded thousands$$$$$ worth of material and have not even touched 10% of the members area.

If you can keep this level of service up as you go towards 1000 members this will be the greatest resource online for newcomers like me and more experienced guys.

Please keep up the good work and good luck

All the best

Richard Smith



Hi JayKay


I can't begin to tell you how fantastic I think your site is. I have never ever had a moments thought that I was wasting money. Sometimes I feel downright guilty because we get so much for so little.
From customer service to the products you provide you are incredible. I'm going to be with you for a very long time!!!

Thank you,
Jan :-)

  Hi JayKay

I have used your vault know for a few months, it has helped me build my list.

I get some really good products to resell, which I have sold some.

Mostly though I love all the adsense sites you provide they are great.

Thanks for all the effort you and your staff put into this site, I appreciate it and am glad to be one of your members :-)

Larry Rivera


Being your #1 fan has made it too easy for me to become your #1 Affiliate. Since I believe so completely in your ability to provide EVERY possible product available, it's very easy for me to honestly convince my Subscribers that they MUST become an Unselfish Marketer member or spend the rest of their lives spending money needlessly!

But what impresses me even more than getting every product on the market just because I pay my miniscule membership fee, is that you're never satisfied to leave it at that. You're constantly increasing the value of your site by adding more and more services, memberships, and who knows what might be next now that the Unselfish Marketer is an entire year old.

Good Luck and keep up the Award-Winning work!

Ted Turner - YouNeedToGetThis.com

  Subject: Did you fall on your head?

Hi there

I'm sure you fell out of your crib when you were a baby... right on you head! Are you NUTS to give people access for all of the stuff in the Vault for practically nothing?

What's wrong with you?

Don't you know that gurus make money by selling old rehashed stuff to unsuspecting newbies?

You CAN'T give people all this value! It's not NORMAL!

Go see a psychiatrist and have your head examined.

Louise Fourie

P.S If you delete my account I'm afraid I will have to kill you. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT OUT THERE!! Crazy man! ;-)

P.S.S Just in case you missed it, this actually is a testimonial!


I hate it but, I may be forced to cancel my membership before 2031. Geeze! Man you just keep heepin' the good stuff on your members.

I've been totally taken a-back with the Quality and Quantity of Software, eBooks, etc. in the Vault.

I tell you, I hardly have time for downloading all of it and with more and more new Products, you may need to throtle back just a bit and lets catch our breath.

Have a great day, and Thanks to You and YOUR Staff for doing an outstanding Job.

Larry Williams


Hi JayKay

I am convinced that your site is absolutely the best of it's type on the web!

The shear quantity of material, along with the high frequency of updates is terrific. I also appreciate the large easy to read graphics, and the general presentation, as well as your honest comments on the scripts.

Keep up the great work!


#2 I have got to keep telling you how happy I am with my unselfishmarketer membership!

Some months ago you were only a little better than all the other sites.

Then you got much better, and now...I wonder, can you even see any of those other guys in your rear view mirror?

#3 E H's rant: I don't think that any site offers the value of UM. I wonder what some of these other big time marketers are thinking when they try to get people to buy their "limited time, limited quantity", overpriced, get rich quick schemes.

Isn't it better to get a really happy customer, like me who is happy to pay you every month, and stays for years?

As an added benefit, I look forward to reading your unbiased opinions of the product offerings, informative, and entertaining!

You did not think you were the only one who could "rant" did you?

(name withheld - we respect a wish for anonymity)


You ARE Something, JayKay!
Hello JayKay!...

I have been online for a while now but in all this time I have "Never" come across a site that not only offers so much, but also makes you feel like you belong! You offer so much, that I am just not able to keep up with you!...:) That is truly saying something as I do think of myself as a download junkie!

Hey! When I first joined I actually got lost! You have so much I was like a child in a candy store!...hehehehe...

I thought I had seen it all, but when I logged in this evening you completely blew me away! I have been looking at some links sites for some time but "Never" ever thought I would ever get one, as the good ones do cost a lot...

I just finished downloading LinksBRO (JayKay Blurb: Added May 28, 2007) and it is just so AWESOME! I also watched the video's and must say I am well impressed!

I just want to tell you "Thank YOU, JayKay!" Thank you so much for all that you do!

If the Good Lord is willing, I shall be around for a while! I will never see 2031, but I shall not leave willingly!

Kindest Regards...



JayKay – you have restored my faith in Internet Marketers! To be honest I was starting to get a little jaded with all the Mega Offer emails that never really delivered.

You deliver time after time … and to cap it all you’re human too! Not many of the ‘big guns’ would bother to respond to emails personally … but you do.

It’s hard for newbies (and experienced online marketers) to find a genuine offer … I reckon The Vault (and all your other offers too) are just that … GENUINE and they are amazing vale to boot!

I have emailed my lists and have recommended they check you out really soon.

Thanks again JayKay – it’s a pleasure to deal with you.

Steve Radcliffe



When you said you would over deliver I thought "Heard it before" well after becoming a member I was eating humble pie!

I have been a reseller for numerous years now, spent far too much money on dud products, joined memberships that never backed up the salespage, even struggled to come across the newest products around, your vault is the answer to all my problems!

Here is an example, the month before I joined the Unselfish Marketer I spent in the region of $1000 on products to be added to my store, then came across Jaykay's offer, my jaw almost hit the floor when I saw that the products I had just purchased were already inside the vault!

What impresses me the most about your vault Jaykay is the speed that new products are added, unlike most membership sites who only add 5 or even 10 products a month you add products practically on a daily basis!

I am now on the verge of canceling all my other memberships that run up bills into the hundreds, and solely use Unselfish Marketer.

Not only have you saved me thousands of Dollars, but my members absolutely love the constant flow of fresh new products added practically everyday!

I will be a member until Jaykay retires!

Brendan Jubb, founder of


Hi JayKay,

I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your website.

There is no other place on the net that keeps me as up to date on products... and all in one place too! Even in ONE folder on my hard drive where I can actually FIND things.

I see a lot of newsletters come through, with products I would like to purchase - but now I think to myself, "hmm - better go see if my favorite "Unselfish Marketer" already has that in his pockets!"

I go check the website, and I'll be darned if it ain't already there.

There has only been one time so far, that I emailed a product into the wish list, and within one day it was there! You absolutely can NOT get any better than that.

Plus your customer service has been awesome, even through a PayPal cancel (due to CC change) and one small download problem (where I accidentally closed the window out before I downloaded the product.)

So, if you're even going to put up with all of my "goofs" I don't see me canceling my membership any time soon!

Thanks for the super job, and terrific website. Count me in as one of your happiest customers!

Michelle Brouse


Hi JayKay

I just wanted to tell you that I love this site! I pop in every second day or so to see what has been added and it is like opening a lucky packet! I feel like a kid again :-)

I have to tell you that this site has saved me so much money! I don't buy anything elsewhere anymore. If I want something and if it has not already been added (because you're like the Wish Genie - before I can say: Get it! - it is most likely already here!) then I just put in Vault Wish, and voila - like magic it appears!

I have cancelled all of my other content memberships, and I don't even go to take a look at what is on the dime sales - I know sooner or later it will get here and I just love that!

I am also just green with envy that I did not think of this first! :-)

I am happy to stay here for the next 30 years :-)



I’m off work on health grounds just now and money is only on the debit. However, every now and then I would find myself tempted by a new low, low price dime sale or a $5 or $7 deal & then I found JayKay’s Unselfish Marketer.

I have never seen so much offered. You will only be held back by your time.

And as for deals, just have a peak, most things are free but then there are the $1 deals.

I have no difficulty in saying No to anything , even when cheap if I do not think it is an excellent deal but I didn‘t say No to this!

Plenty of things I believe I could offer on my site which is not an Internet Marketing Site.

You better have a look before you spend too much somewhere else.

Moreen Scott


Since joining your Vault membership site I've finally started seeing a profit online after several years. Why? Because I'm no longer spending all my profits buying the newest products!

I'm a "resell rights junkie" so it's really great to use YOUR wallet to buy the latest software and eBook releases to fill my addiction. Now I can ignore all those other offers I get by email because I know I'll be able to get those products in the vault without spending a fortune.

Kim Haas


When JayKay launched the Vault... I visited... and left...

When the Vault reached the second level I visited... and left....

When the Vault reached the third level... I visited... I stayed....

Just think... had I joined on my first visit... I'd be $1500 ahead and that is after I deduct my member dues...

Everything I purchased since my first visit except for one item which I "acquired" from my partner is available in the vault.



Hello JayKay,

First, thank you so much for truly being an unselfish marketer. Since what I do (graphic design and a motivational site) is not strictly "Internet marketing," so much of what comes through my inbox is -- for me -- junk.

But since I joined here I look forward to your emails. I can honestly say that I have used more of the products I've gotten here than from any other source (free or paid) on the Internet.

Not only have I been able to use products and information for my own sites, but have been able to be a much more valuable resource for my clients. They often remark that they are amazed at how much I know about working on the Internet .

Again, thank you. Since you say you'll be around until at least 2031, I think I'll hang in with you.

Brenda Lewis


JayKay and Unselfish Marketer Associates,

 Thanks for answering my prayers with Unselfish Marketers! Unselfish Marketers was just what we were looking for. Now we don't have to do so much searching for the best deal, and have all the new content at our fingertips.

 We no longer feel as if we are 1 to 2 weeks behind all the Big Cats who have seemed to get all the products ahead of me. Unselfish Marketers not only offers an honest bargain, it is so easy to use we are happy to offer it to our subscribers & associates.

 We are certain this will dramatically increase the number of successful netrepreneurs in our Lifetime Friends Network.

Jer&Sooz, JerSooz Enterprises
WebHostLove.com & JerSooz Ezine, jersooz.com/ezine




Thanks for the awesome audio and videos - I made two sales within an hour of downloading them :) U DA MAN JAYKAY!!

Thanks - Bryan


Listen. I visit this site about twice a week and each time I'm blown away by what has been added. Forget about all these new product launches. If it's worth anything to you, it's most likely here.

I'm telling you - from learning tools to product to sell, everything you need to make money in your online business can be found right here. This is one of three memberships I find essential in my online business . . . each one being totally different.

I think what JayKay is doing is amazing and, if it's this good now, wait until these memberships are filled up!

Unselfish Marketer definitely applies here.

Bob Blick
Make A Niche.com



JayKay, You are doing something that is truly amazing, you are allowing those that are interested in internet marketing, but cannot afford the money it sometimes can take to learn and capitalize on the latest products and information - an opportunity unequaled on the net today.

Not only do you search out the best products and show all of us the financial “books” of what our membership fees allow you to purchase for the club, you also make the latest products affordable enough, that most everyone can get their hands on them.

You are helping to enrich the lives of hundreds of people who might not have had or at least might not have taken the leap to financial independence via the internet. Great Job! I look forward to all the great things you have in store for your members. You truly are an “Unselfish Marketer”

Paul Harden
The Home Mortgage Guide

Hand It Over JayKay - I Want My Vault Membership NOW!



Hi JayKay,

I am so grateful to you!

With your beautiful scripts, I've been able to add and use autoresponders and now membership capabilities to my sites. I've been trying to do that for a long time. YOU wrote the scripts that I could use.

Not only that, Unselfish but I've been able to understand all the other scripts that have been defeating me. Because of you, I finally understand those inferior scripts, too.

May you be richly blessed and rewarded handsomely for what you have done

Janie Squier



Dear JayKay

I can now truly say that this amazingly small expert script is performing all autoresponder automation tasks, seamlessly and with the greatest effectiveness and efficiency one can ever expect.

Pierre du Plessis, Leaders Circle



Hi JayKay

I really must thank you for your patience. I was suspicious that there was a problem with my site but not sure what it was. I also appreciate your generosity in setting the responder up on your site for now and offering to move it later.

It's not hard to see why you are, and will continue to be successful on the internet. Actually I'm a bit jealous, as I have long wanted to build a membership site on a par with yours but I will be very happy to promote yours and hopefully sell some of the products as you have made it so easy.

It sounds like you have some great plans in the works for future improvements too. Any other ways you can come up with to make members feel part of the family will go a long way toward future success.

I think that's part of the problem with a lot of web enterprises is they are too cold and impersonal and most people are still a pretty social bunch and require more of a feeling of belonging to something.

As for the $15, no I don't need it back. You have put in far more than $15 worth of effort so far and it's not your fault. I anticipate making far more than that back in the near future with the Vault. Have a great day and thanks again.

Best Regards


I've seen enough JayKay - Let me IN now!